It’s goodbye from this blog, and hello from!

6 Jan

Howdy folks!

This is our last blog post from this blog site – we’ll be closing down as of 8th Jan 2019

We’re feeling a little melancholy as it was the first platform we used to tell you all about where we were and what we were up to – albeit infrequntly as we were crazy busy. However, following loads of lovely feedback from our blog subscribers – you wanted MORE! More recipes, more tips, more travel updates and well…. just more regular updates! That’s why we created – a place where we can share what we’re up to with you. We’ve got LOADS scheduled to share with you this year, from videos to recipes, travelogs and there’s rumour of a podcast on it’s way. If that all sounds like it’ll tickle your brisket, we’d #BBQLove it if you could subscribe to our new site here

We want to thank every last one of you for being a huge part of our journey and helping us realise our dream. If you want to visit our restaurant, you can get in touch here.

We’ll see you in Barry and various festivals throughout the year plus we’ll be at our restaurant, making our award-winning BBQ just the way you like it.

All our #BBQlove, your girls,
Sam & Shauna


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