Brewdog, new tricks…

5 Feb

PLEASE NOTE, This is an old post, last BrewDog night was 23 April.

Happy 2015 everyone! After a well earned break during January, we’re back, and smoking hot for the rest of the year. We won’t be doing a residency style pop-up , instead we’ll do monthly events and street food style BBQ up and down the country, to make sure ya’ll get y


our fix of quality barbecue. 

We’re excited to announce the start of a series of kitchen takeovers, the first with the award winning aficionados of British-made beer, Brewdog in Cardiff. To kick it all off, we have three, monthly events with craft beer legends, where we’ll showcase USA State variations of barbecue. We’ll take you from Austin to Asheville and Lexington to Louisiana.  And of course, the beer pairings will be off the hook, there’s talk of exclusive, speciality brews from Welsh brewers. Lovely Nathaniel Williams, General Manager at Brewdog, even promises to bring ‘a special cask’ from the cellar for you!


Please note: There are no bookings for this event, first come first fed until we run out of barbecue. Also Texas BBQ will be all about the beef,  Carolina BBQ is all about pork and Bayou BBQ is a little of everything, NOLA style.

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